Something special for KillDevil Theory Fans…

We are putting the finishing touches on our newest song release “Maggots,” and have some new merchandise to take on tour with us and we want you to have it first to show our appreciation for ordering the music.  

We have a newly designed KillDevil Theory T-shirt, a new sticker design featuring “Black Jack,”  and an autographed PHYSICAL CD including our first 3 song releases for the new album all for the special price of $17 and we’ll ship it to you for free!!!

I’d like you to have ALL of it as a THANKS for ordering our music at a fraction of the price that we will be offering it on tour- As you can see below, this deal will start at $20 for the public and go up from there but we are going to offer it to you until we run out of CD’s at $17.

And remember, THIS DEAL IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE and these items are not even for sale yet anywhere else.

I’d like you to have ALL of it at a fraction of the price that we will be offering it on tour as a THANKS for ordering our music .

As a special ONE TIME OFFER, i’m offering you this beautiful T-shirt, the NEW Blackjack sticker and the AUTOGRAPHED CD for $17 with free shipping.   

This deal is limited by the supply of CD’s and at a discount of what it will sell for out on the road.  Perhaps more importantly, by purchasing bundle deals like this, you are helping to support the recording and release of future albums and tours.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: This discount including free shipping I’m offering on all of the above is a ONE TIME OFFER. This offer is not currently available anywhere else, and once the supply of CD’s runs out, this deal will be gone for good.

So if you would like to get the T-shirt, the autographed CD and the Blackjack Sticker before they are available on the road at full price, click the order button you see below now!

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