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  1. Hysterium (sample)
  2. Make Me Broken (sample)
  3. Ambushed (sample)
  4. Neuron (sample)
  5. Alone by Faith (sample)
  6. Maggots (sample)
  7. Crossroads (sample)
  8. Brainchild (sample)
  9. Passion & Fury (sample)
  10. Sweet Revolution (sample)
  11. Culture Warrior (sample)
  12. Holding In (sample)

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As one fan put it, KillDevil Theory ”plays insanely variety infused, Groove based hard rock with lots of twists and turns! They’ve got sudden changes in style, tempo changes, hard and heavy songs, slow tear-jerkers, head bobbin’ crunchy guitar and ragin’ solos. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they smack you in the face with something totally unexpected. I describe them as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Beethoven and Evanescence getting into a car wreck and coming out as one band. It’s like riding a freaking roller coaster when experiencing their music! They truly embody the term adventure rock.”

Their lyrics and musical adventure have captured the attention of fans around the world and their epic message, delivery and knack for excitement make this album the perfect companion for an evening with your favorite video game- bashing skulls in, working out, or cruising in your car .

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