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Gone are the days of over – the- top hairstyles and skin tight wardrobes of the 1980’s, but the stylistic variety and thought provoking lyrics our genres’ fore-fathers ushered in , is still very much alive and celebrated to this day. While most of the world may view “Metal Heads” with disdain and mistrust, bands like Nothing More, In This Moment, and the Christian influenced metal band Fireflight, have kept this multifaceted, very talented and TECHNICAL genre alive and well.

New Metal Bands with Talent led by female vocalists Maria Brink (In This Moment)  and Dawn Michele ( Fireflight) have pipes that would rival any male in the industry, and have the stage presence to boot. Even more, their lyrics give a whole new generation of young women something more to live up to other than the overly sexed up models portrayed in every other genre – ( although Ms. Maria Brink gets a little provocative at times).  These new women of metal tell the whole screwed up world that there is more to a curvaceous chick than the hoochie gear infused worlds of pop, hip hop, rap, etc. We don’t need to be boxed into the sex-crazed American culture to be of worth.  We are more- we are educated, we can scream just as well (mmmm…maybe not better) than Maidens’ Bruce Dickinson, and we will make and change the coming centuries of metal music.

One of the most exciting new metal bands with talent of the last 3 years has been Nothing More.  Their song “This is the Time” reminded me of the prog metal stylings of Maynards’ side project “Perfect Circle” – but on steroids. Like Maria Brink, Johnnie Hawkins infuses “screamo” lyrics very strategically, using this very difficult vocal technique as a nice added spice to your meal, instead of using it as a main, bland course.

Just like the lyrics of the 1980’s all three of these new metal bands with talent present lyrics of introspection as to the human condition. Nothing More’s “Mr. MTV” is a candid look at the empty idolization  and COVETOUSNESS of material things and how this is leading to the bastardization of our society as a whole. Fireflight gives the metal generation a glimpse into the true and freedom forming state of emptying yourself, asking for change and finding freedom through a long forgotten and often misunderstood gospel in their song Core Of My Addiction. Ms. Maria Brink gives us a sobering look into the life damaging world of adultery and all that it contains in the song “Whore.”  The view point of the “sinner” should have christians examining their own seemingly hopeless outlook on women whom “dress a certain way.”

If you are interested in more new and refreshing songs that explore our inner struggles, check out KillDevil Theory’s Make Me Broken.  This New Metal Band  is DOUBLY female led and takes you through a very honest and humble look at the struggle all of us go through within ourselves.  Make Me Broken summarizes the very thing that personally helped two of the bands members realize that nothing in their lives could change until  they were willing to empty themselves.

Metal has always given us the freedom to break conventional wisdom, and it is  bands like these that help us to deal with the complications each of our days can (and will )eventually bring. Long Live the multi-versed, technique driven, complicated world that is metal. And to those out there that think of us as just metal heads, remember “We arent as think as you dumb we are!” – we are the EXACT opposite. Stick to your conventions, your lollipops and BEACH BALLS ( Ugh, the very thought of a beach ball makes me wanna hurl)- we’ll keep dishing  out our red meat and potatoes!



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